Monday, July 1, 2013

How to fix Firefox “not responding” Or freezes

How to fix Firefox “not responding”? On starting Firefox browser you are prompted with error Firefox Not Responding on the system. Firefox is one of the most popularly used browsers around the globe. Many users out there must be having this as Default Browser, but at times it encounters some faults and fails to open or respond or say becomes unresponsive. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix the issue.
fix firefox not responding problem freezeOn opening the browser you are prompted upon not responding error and the situation can be worst if you urgently need to browse for something and Firefox is the only browser on your system. Well to get rid of this issue, try out the fixes described below to resolve this issue.
fix firefox not responding
Did you make any upgrade to latest version of Firefox? If yes, then it can be the culprit. Remaining of earlier browser settings might be preventing the new Firefox version from launching or responding. Try to locate the Firefox files on the system drive where it is installed and remove or delete the settings for the earlier version. OR try uninstalling the Firefox and re-install it after rebooting the system.
Disable Firefox Plugins. Often many folks out there believe that plugins are the culprits behind the Firefox not responding issue. So, try disabling them and see if this helps sorting out the issue. Open Tools on the menu Bar and select Add-ons. In the new extension that opens, click on Plugins. You can now see the list of plugins installed on your Firefox browser. Select the one you want to disable and hit the Disable button beside it.
disable plugins firefox
Try starting Firefox by disabling the Add-ons. Click on the Help option and select the Restart with Add-ons disabled.
restart firefox addon disabled
At times Firefox might go unresponsive if there is any sort of problem with the binary. Lastpass have come out with an effective solution to fix the issue. Click on this link and get your issue resolved.
That’s all. Hope the fixes described in this tutorial help you fix issues with Firefox locking or freezing or not responding problems and ensure smooth functioning of Firefox Browser.